As a family photographer who uses nature to create natural portraits, I’m often asked if great family photography can be achieved all year round, in all seasons and in all weathers. My answer is always an emphatic, “YES!”


The British weather is a subject of much debate, and it does deliver distinct seasons – all of which are a great time for family photography. Each season brings its own colour and light, and introduces different wardrobe and location choices.

What’s more, for me, as a family photographer who wants to create real and relaxed portraits in very beautiful settings, the changing seasons simply provide greater opportunities. After all, we don’t constantly live under brilliant sunshine and blue skies.

Put spring in your step

Spring is full of freshness, vibrant green grass, trees and flowers in full bloom. And I’m lucky to live close to one of the best bluebell woods in Hampshire.


Even spring’s April showers with kids in their wellies splashing around, bright yellow rain hats and coats and umbrellas can help make a moment and an adorable family picture.

Sizzle in summer

Warmer, drier weather does create greater location options, from beaches and BBQs to parks and woodlands, in summer you’re spoilt for choice.


The bright morning sunshine or the soft evening light can create a lovely mood and a special memory once captured on camera.

Autumnal alternatives

With the change of colours and with the New Forest on my doorstep, autumn is becoming an increasingly popular time for location shoots. The fallen leaves make for a great prop and some fun images.


Create a winter wonderland

Personally, I long for snow and the opportunity to photograph kids and their snowmen, family snowball fights and a multitude of rosy red cheeks. The light is often bright, and the colours can sing out.

My family photography is all about capturing a natural, magical moment. Hopefully, you can see these are not season specific but can occur all year round.


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