As a family photographer, my aim is to capture moments of pure emotion –  connections between families and expressions that let personalities shine through.

Based in Winchester, I am completely spoiled for choice for locations, but although I love the colours and bright backdrops that the beautiful Hampshire countryside provides, there are often times when I see one of the images and just know that it has to be a black and white edit.

Sometimes stripping back a photo, removing the colour and vibrancy from backgrounds and clothing is all it needs to let moments of pure emotion shine through. When a photo is in black and white it allows you to focus on the most important thing in that photo – a glance between parent and child, an expression of concentration as they explore something new, or a moment of pure joy or wonder. You don’t need to focus on the colour of the leaves, or how blue the sky is – these photos are about you and your family and the most important thing for you to focus on is your family and the connections, the love and the fun between you all.


Black and white works really well in my studio newborn sessions too. The look of adoration of new parents as they gaze at their precious new baby, or the wonder and curiosity of the big sibling as they examine this new addition to their lives – it all comes out so powerfully in this most simplistic, yet dramatic form.


Black and white photos can be the most emotional of all, and I always chose at least a few to edit this way in both my family and newborn sessions. They are classic and timeless, and sure to provide happy memories or you wall for years to come.


If you would like to discuss a family photo session or newborn photography, please do get in touch for a chat. Call me on 07768 700829 or email me at [email protected].



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