As with so many other industries, it’s a difficult time to be a family photographer. In Winchester, as is all other areas, life has been confined to indoors, with a daily walk. I have three children to homeschool, so they have also become my models as I try and document these strange times.

If you are looking to photograph your family, then here are a few of my tips:


  1. Try to make it as natural as possible. Wherever possible, don’t let them know that you’re looking to take a picture. The may (or should) be so deep in concentration that they don’t even notice that you are there

  1. Try and spread it across the day so that when you look back you can get a real feel for how your daily routine worked during lockdown.


  1. Experiment with different angles. Sometimes you just need to look at things a little differently, whether it’s making sure that you are down at the children’s level, or taking a view from up above.


  1. Do you have lots of natural light where the children work? Or maybe if they are going to play a game, you can encourage them into a well lit area. Or it might be that there is some lovely directional light from a small window. Experiment with where the light comes from in your home.

  1. Photographing a busy house. I have terrible house envy when I see photos taken in beautiful, spacious and tidy homes. Sadly, mine isn’t like that at all. It’s busy, hectic and messy. I often edit my indoor photos are black and white to focus on the people and detract from the clutter in the background. My son’s room is a perfect example of that.


  1. Take photos on your daily walk. Whether it’s just in your street, or in local country paths, the daily walk has become a highlight of many family’s day. Round Winchester we are lucky to have so many beautiful walks on our doorstep. And you may never get another chance to see the streets in central Winchester with so few cars on themI’m starting to get into the habit of taking my camera out more on these walks.


I hope it’s not long until we are all safely back out and I can be photographing more families and babies, but until then I’ll keep documenting daily life in lockdown.

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