Own up – when’s the last time you actually printed any of your photos? How many of them are sitting on your phone? Or on your computer?

If your photos are held digitally, please do make sure they are backed up. Otherwise a lost phone, or a crashed computer can mean photos are lost forever.

But how often do you actually look at your photos that are held digitally? Photo albums seem to be a thing of the past for most families, which is a real shame. I remember in my youth (and yes, I’m showing my age now) sitting down on a winter evening and having a family slide show of old photos, and loved reminiscing over them. Families don’t sit round the computer in an evening looking through their family photos.

I create a photobook at the end of every year for my family. These can be done fairly cheaply as there are usually discount vouchers you can use. These books come out every few months, and the kids love looking through them and remembering the special moments they were taken. I print photos for frames on our walls regularly, and my daughter has devoted a whole wall in her bedroom to photos, often adding the latest snap with her friends.

I just love having my favourite photos  where I can see them and get so much pleasure from looking at them every day. So don’t leave your photos in a cloud – use them and get as much enjoyment from them as you can.

If you want to have some new family moments to add to your wall this year, then do contact me to discuss a family photo session.



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