Millie was just 8 days old when she came to see me for her newborn photo session. Millie started her session with a feed, which is the same way I generally start, while Mum and Dad get to relax with a tea or coffee while we discuss what backdrops and props they would like to use during their sessions and to see if they have any particular poses or styles that they would like to incorporate.

When Millie was full up and well winded we started with parent shots. These can be done with baby either awake or asleep, so long as baby is happy. I generally like to shoot baby without any clothes on as they are so tiny compared with their parents that I want to see as much of them as possible in the photos and make them the focal point of these images, not being distracted by what they are wearing.

Then on to the start of the baby photos, and Millie really was a star! She woke up for a while to see what was happening, but wrapping her up made her feel warm and secure and she soon fell back asleep and didn’t get disturbed by me moving her round.

I keep my room very warm during these sessions so that it is just right for when baby is undressed. This is important as baby can’t control their own body temperature, and has the added benefit of making them nice and sleepy.

After Millie drifted off again, we got lots of different set ups done, then at the end of the session also got some lovely awake shots too. It can be tricky to photograph newborns when they are awake as they don’t tend to focus or make eye contact with the camera, but with a little patience as Millie was looking round the room I caught her eyes looking straight at me.

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