Working with dogs – tales from a Winchester family photographer

Never work with children or animals they say. Well that certainly doesn’t apply to me as I just love working with both of them. Based in Winchester, as a family photographer who works largely on location in the beautiful Hampshire countryside, it’s no wonder that families often ask me how I feel about them bringing their dog along to their photo session. It’s always a big yes from me! I’m a massive dog lover and have my own slightly mad dog Pippa, who’s pet hate is posing for photos for me, so it’s great to get other family pets involved in the session.

Most of my family sessions are at places where you can easily take dogs. Much like children, you get some dogs that are happy to sit and pose for you, and others where you have to be slightly more creative – and have a fast shutter speed to catch a moving target! It’s always good to have treats on hand for bribery, and if they are normally walked off lead then it’s also good to let them have a run around at the start and work off any excess energy.

Don’t worry too much if you don’t think your dog will sit, or even stay still long enough for a photo. There’s always opportunities for photos of you walking with the dog, or having action shots of the children playing games with the dog.

Of course I don’t limit myself to dogs, so if you have any family pets that you would like to include in your family photos then just get in touch and we can work out the best way to include your pet, whatever type of session you would like. You can give me a call on 07768 700829 for a chat or drop me a message at,



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