I’m always looking for new things to photograph, but there are so many different things to do during lockdown that sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start. Most of us are trying to work, to homeschool and to keep on top of all the cooking, cleaning etc. That gave me an idea of a slightly different type of photo to create. How could I show all the different direction that parents are being pulled in in just one photo? Well, this involved setting up a tripod and the self timer in one corner of the room, and then moving round between each picture to get in position for each of the roles I needed to carry out. I have limited space in my kitchen, so I can think of many other jobs that I wanted to include, but wasn’t able to. I then took each individual photo into photoshop and used a little editing magic with layers and masks I brought  all the photos together into just one snapshot of daily life in lockdown.


It’s not the type of photo that I normally do (and in fact I very rarely get in front of the camera myself), but it was a fun experiment to do and across social media it has reached about 4,000 people and been my most interacted with photo in the last few years. It’s always good to challenge yourself and do something just a little bit different.


Once restrictions have been eased I am looking forward to getting back to my normal work – family photos and newborn and baby photos in Winchester and across Hampshire. If you would like to book a session  or discuss what you are looking for from a family photograoher then please just drop me an email at fiona@naturenurturephotography.comor call me on 07768 700829


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