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Boys will be boys – family photographer in Hampshire

A beautiful Saturday morning, two fab boys, an extremely cute dog and a walk with lots of variety of backdrops. All the perfect ingredients for a great photo session. It was lovely to see brothers get on as well as these two do. They were just happy messing about and... read more

Favourite family photography locations – 2. Farley Mount

As a family photographer in Winchester, I have spent a lot of time looking for the great locations for my family sessions. This blog is the second in a series looking at a few of my favourite local areas to shoot and why I love them so much. My first post was covered... read more

Using photos to create Mother’s Day presents

With Mother’s Day coming up, there are lots of ways that children can get involved and use photography to create a really special gift for Mum to treasure. Younger children could get the paints and glitter out and decorate a photo frame to put a family photo in.... read more
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