I generally recommend trying to get newborn photos done in the first two weeks, but that isn’t always possible, and all too often I have parents getting in touch worried that they have missed their chance for a newborn photo session. That normally isn’t the case, and Gregor’s recent visit was a perfect example. Having had to spend some time in hospital after he was born, Gregor was six weeks old when he came to have his newborn photos at my home studio in Winchester.


At this age it can take a little more patience to get babies into a nice deep sleep so that they aren’t disturbed. So I asked Mum if she could try and keep Gregor awake for an hour or so before his session.

After some photos with Mum and a feed, Gregor went off to sleep and we managed to get lots of photos of Gregor sleeping and posing beautifully, and also some fab awake shots. One of the bonuses of an older baby is that they really focus well and you can get some great shots looking straight to camera.


In Gregor’s case, at 6 weeks old he could also hold his head really well, making for some extra cute images.

Although some poses might not work so well with older babies as they don’t curl up so much as their muscles develop, Gregor managed them all like an absolute pro!


So if you have had a baby recently and think you may have missed the boat for a newborn photo session then think again. Get in touch to have a chat about my newborn photos, and whether it might be right for you and your baby. I’ll be open and honest about what would work best for your baby’s age and how to get the best results for your images.


You can give me a call on 07768 700829 or drop me a message at [email protected]


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