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Being a family photographer, it doesn’t necessarily mean that my sessions include just Mum, Dad and kids. A particular favourite type of session for me is an extended family session. These days it can be a rare occurrence for a family all together in one place, and such a happy family occasion deserves to be documented. Often this is for a milestone birthday or a notable wedding anniversary, and it can be particularly special for grandparents to have all of their children and grandchildren together.

I shoot these types of family photos all over Hampshire, and one such day was for a golden wedding anniversary back in September last year. We went to a lovely spot near Marlborough and all went for a walk together, through the woods, up hills, played games with the children and climbed a few trees (well, the kids climbed the trees – if I had tried that then I might never have got back down!)

It’s a great opportunity not just to get photos of the whole group together, but lots of different group set ups of family members that may not see each other again a while.

We had a lovely fun afternoon, and some great memories captured for the family. And it was great to hear back from the family the next day that ‘even the people who hate having their photos taken enjoyed the session’! What more can I ask for?!

Below is a selection of photos that give a flavour of the session.

If you have a special event coming up in your family where you are all getting together and would like the day captured then please get in touch. You can give me a call on 07768 700829 to discuss what you are looking for, or drop me an email on

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