Have a look through your family photos. More often than not, there will be one person missing. And if your family is anything like mine – it will usually be mum that’s behind the camera and not part of the family photos. It’s something that was brought home to me recently when my daughter asked why there were so few pictures of me and her together. Now, there are two reasons for that. Firstly, it makes sense that I’m the one taking the photos – after all I’m not about to let my partner loose with my camera, my most precious possession. And secondly, I have to confess, I absolutely hate having my photo taken! (Possibly not the best confession for a photographer to make)

With Mothers Day coming up, it made me think about it more. I passionately believe that photos are the most important way of keeping memories alive. So surely family memories should include the whole family – and definitely Mum! Yes, I look at photos of myself and often realise I have a few more wrinkles than I do in my imagination, and that I still haven’t gone on that diet I promised, but that’s not what my children see when they look at photos of us together – they see their mum, their family.

So  I’m share a few images from my family sessions, with fabulous mums and their children. So if you’re a mum that doesn’t have enough photos with your children, what better time to remedy that. And if you are a Dad – make sure you take enough photos of Mum with her kids. She may not thank you now, but she will in the years to come.

And just to prove I practice what I preach –  here’s one of me and my children taken yesterday.

If you would like more information  on family photo sessions please contact me at Fiona@naturenurturephotography.com or call for a chat on 07768 700829.

Gift vouchers for family photography are available for Mothers Day so you can start getting Mum back in your family photos..

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