As a family photographer in Winchester, I have spent a lot of time looking for the great locations for my family sessions. This blog is the second in a series looking at a few of my favourite local areas to shoot and why I love them so much. My first post was covered Micheldever Woods.

So my next  location is Farley Mount Country Park. Situated just three miles outside Winchester, it has a huge variety of woodland and open areas that can be used for your family photos. 

One of the best known areas for families is the play area, with great wooden structures for them to play on. I like to finish up here when using this part of Farley Mount, as once the kids are playing in there they rarely want to leave! Luckily there are plenty great spots on the way there which we can stop off at on the way, sweeping hills, winding paths and lots of trees for playing hide and seek.

An area which I have introduced a number of locals to is the monument, and it often suprises me how many people who go to Farley Mount haven’t been up there, although that is what the country park is named after.  It’s just a five minute walk from the monument car park, and the views are fantastic once you get there. And if you walk just past the monument there are more beautiful views.

West woods also provides lovely wide sweeping pathways and plenty places to hop off the main path to get lovely photos in the wooded ahead.

And the very first area you come to in Farley Mount is Crab wood. It has some lovely open fields, more winding path through beautiful wooded areas, and in spring, you can also include some lovely bluebell images in this area.

Keep an eye out next week when I’ll be telling you a little more about another of my favourite locations for family photography.

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