When planning your family photo session, one really important area to consider is what you are all going to wear. There are a number of things to think about when you choose what to wear:

The first thing I would say is that the way to get your best from your session is to wear clothes that make you all feel comfortable and confident.

What do you want to see on your walls in the years to come. When booking professional family photos, you are investing in art that you will want to keep on show for many years in the future. Do you have a certain style of home décor that will work best with the colours in your photos. Is your home full or bright colours or do you have more of a neutral palette

  1. For families, it’s great to have co-ordinating colours, but you certainly don’t all need to be matching (in fact usually it’s best not to be totally matching). But do avoid too many clashing colours. The clothes aren’t the star of the shoot – you are.

2. Avoid clothes with pictures or logos on the front or with bold patterns. They distract the eye from your faces and onto the clothes. In general block colours tend to work best.

3. Think about the weather. If you put your children in clothes that are summery when the weather is unseasonably cold, then it’s very difficult for them not to show they are cold. Using layers is great, and jackets and cardigans can be taken off briefly for photos and put straight back on after if necessary.

4. If you have chosen a studio background then you can bring more than one outfit to your session and change part way through. Different colours may work best with different backgrounds

5. Plan in advance. Avoid last minute panics or toddler tantrums my ensuring everyone knows (and is happy with) what they are wearing.

6. Consider your background. If you are having a woodland setting then you won’t want your clothing to be too formal. For the beach, make sure that you can enjoy a paddle in the sea

7. Consider accessories – whether that’s adding children’s hairbands, a beautiful necklace, or ensuring that the kids trainers aren’t really muddy – make sure those finishing touches aren’t forgotten

Above all though – remember these are your photos and you want a style of clothing to represent your family

For ideas on what to wear for your family photography session visit my ideas board on Pinterest https://www.pinterest.co.uk/fionanature/styling-for-family-photo-sessions/

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