With Mother’s Day coming up, there are lots of ways that children can get involved and use photography to create a really special gift for Mum to treasure.

  • Younger children could get the paints and glitter out and decorate a photo frame to put a family photo in. The brighter, sparklier and more original the better!


  • You might need to give the kids a little help to make photocubes, but it just takes a simple mdf box, then print photos to the right size and get gluing them on. Then mum can change the photo on view whenever she wants


  • Older children could make a collage of photos. You could buy a large frame and let them fill it completely, or draw a shape inside the frame to help them create their own shapes for a collage – maybe a heart shape.


  • Buy an inexpensive clear phone cover then fill it will small pictures, or one larger one


  • You could also put together a photo book with some favourite moments of the kids and mum and of the whole family – it’s a perfect time to print out some of those phots that have been sitting on your phone or computer, but you’ve never found anything to do with them.


  • You can use one of your family photos to create a unique gift – turn your favourite photo into a key ring, fridge magnet, coasters or just about anything!!


Or of course you could always make her Mother’s Day present a gift voucher for a family photo session, creating new family memories to treasure for years to come. That way for once Mum is guaranteed to be part of the family photos, instead of the one behind the camera.

If you’d like to purchase a gift voucher for Mother’s day then just drop me an email at [email protected] or call to discuss on 07768700829



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